SUNY Oswego’s Women’s Basketball team looks to rebound after disappointing season

Oswego, N.Y. — SUNY Oswego’s winter sports season started this week, with teams beginning official practices. 

The women’s basketball team, which had its first official practice on Sunday, is among those teams. The Lakers had a disappointing season last year, only winning five of the team’s 24 total games, but they hope to rebound this year and compete. 

“We struggled to end up with the wins because of the fact that we were so young, we were immature and we didn’t make great decisions,” said head coach Sean Pinkerton. 

The team is bringing back a large squad of returners this year to help improve the team’s maturity and experience. 

Diamond Pickett, a star sophomore playing forward, is among those returners. Last year, Pickett led the Lakers in rebounds, as well as finishing third in both total points scored and assists. 

This year, Pickett returns to the hardwood to take on a role as a leader. 

“We didn’t do that great last semester, something needed to change, and we definitely changed it a lot,” said Pickett. 

Bringing in new talent, such as freshman Mollie James, was among those changes. 

“During practice we’re always picking each other up and it’s just like a very healthy environment to play in,” said James. 

The plan to bring in new talent as well as a crowd of returning players was a part of Coach Pinkerton’s plan for success all along. 

“It’s two-fold, it’s bringing in new kids that we think are talented enough to help propel us forward… and the other component is taking kids that were on the team last year, were in the program last year, and helping them learn and grow and improve,” said Pinkerton. 

The player’s have their own plan for success this season as well. 

“Definitely be more competitive and finish out games and encourage each other to win more,” said Pickett.

The Lakers have been practicing hard this offseason, and look to continue the effort into the official season. 

The team starts their season with their first game on November 8 on the road against Hilbert College.