Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum Reopens

Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum exhibit

OSWEGO, N.Y. — On Sunday, October 9th, Oswego celebrated the grand reopening of the Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum.

The day was made possible thanks to New York state senator Pattie Richie (R) giving out a $100,000 grant. This grant was used to add 32 interactive exhibits to the museum.

Isabella Moo, the Regional Assistant to United States Senator Kierstan Gillibrand (D-NY), recognizes why the grant was given in the first place.

“Safe Haven Holocaust Museum initially was one of the first shelters that allowed nearly 1,000 refugees to such an incredible space.”

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow (R) also highlighted exactly what these new exhibits mean for those whose family members were impacted by this.

“Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the museum to reach out to the surviving family members of the refugees that were here, and gives them another opportunity to look at their parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles; so it’s really a great story and it’s always special to be over here,” said Barlow.

Tours are even able available by officers such as Corey King in order to gain insight into the lives of refugees during this time period.

“The army took it upon themselves to be the internal security for a couple of months, when they realized that the refugees weren’t gonna be much of a problem they gradually backed away and a more civilian police force was formed here,” said King.

It was a remarkable display of history that will never be forgot in Oswego.