SUNY Oswego kicks off annual 5k run

Oswego, N.Y. –  SUNY Oswego recently held its annual Pumpkin Run to donate to ‘Blessing for Backpacks.’

This event has been done for many years. Carey Barnette, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Fitness and Well Being, said that the money donated helps children in need.

“They put a bunch of food items and other materials in backpacks for students in the area are in need and don’t necessarily get lunches at school, or at home, it’s just a way to give them food and give back to the community,”Barnette said.

The Pumpkin Run raises about $500 yearly. Barnette said her goal was to keep it the same this year.

“$500 is a good goal to meet I mean that’s I think they said around $5 is enough to feed one student so that’s a good like price range to start with,” Barnette said. 

SUNY Oswego student, Emily Forster said she likes that the campus is doing events like this.

“I know I was definitely one of those kids that needed help like that so I would like to be involved in any way I can and I think everyone should do their part if they can. I’m very understandable if you don’t at the time or can’t make it but any donation counts so go to the pumpkin run,” Forster said. 

The event that happened on Oct. 22 and was $5 per person.