SUNY Oswego offers new mother-friendly rooms cross campus

Oswego, NY– SUNY Oswego recently upgraded 11 rooms on campus for new moms to use. New moms will be able to utilize these room when they return to work.

The designated lactation rooms will provide new moms a private and secure place to either breastfeed their child or pump. The rooms are located all over campus in both academic buildings and residence halls. Some of the locations include Marano Campus Center, Hewitt Union, Penfield Library and Funnelle Hall.

According to Funnelle’s Assistant Hall Director Jordan Dedrick, the room in the basement of Funnelle will normally be locked. If someone would like access to the room, they would need to go to the front desk to get the key. Only people needing to pump or feed their child will be allowed access to the key. Other students will not be able to use this room as a study room.

-OswegoNow Reporter Kirby Socker