Oswego State community mourns loss of longtime college employee

OSWEGO, NY- A 42-year employee of SUNY Oswego passed away last weekend, after a longtime battle with pancreatic cancer. Cyndia Donovan, 62, spent over four decades with the college, serving as the Marano Campus Center Student Services manager.

Donovan was a recognizable face for many passing through the building, and for some, a motherly figure. Many of the students formed close bonds with Donovan over the decades, through their work at the box office and other student leadership positions.

Donovan continued to work up until recent weeks, when her condition took a turn for the worst. Many of the students weren’t even aware of her sickness, a testament to her strength and determination to keep her work and personal life separate.

Emily Nassir, the campus Student Association President, worked with Donovan daily at the college. Nassir couldn’t fight back tears when talking about a woman who never stopped fighting.

“She didn’t even have to think about being strong for herself,” Nassir said.

“She thought about being strong for everybody else. She never let anything get in her way of being there for other people.”

Aside from the personal loss, Nassir also acknowledged the professional loss of Donovan. While grieving, the faculty and students are also attempting to pick up the pieces of Donovan’s workload. Even after all these years, Donovan continued to give more effort than was asked of her.

Donovan is survived by her husband of 44 years, two children, and four grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for contributions towards a scholarship fund in Donovan’s name. Donations can be sent to Jason Rinoldo, P.O. Box 912, Oswego, N.Y. 13126.