Sports family supports one another

It is cold. It is rainy. It is windy. A typical March day in Oswego.

Except this is no ordinary day.

Today is the day Britt Howard coaches her first home game as the Head coach of Oswego State women’s lacrosse.

She’s not the only coach Howard.

“I’ve been here 28 years,” Mike Howard said.

Her father, Mike, the wrestling and golf coach looks on, he doesn’t say much. He doesn’t have to. Because when she looks back at him, he’s there for her.

“That’s important for us as a family,” Mike Howard said. “To support one another.”

A family that is in constant communication. Through a group chat they wish each other good luck anytime someone has a game.

“Positive words,” Britt Howard said. “All the time.”

The man that started this howard family history here in Laker Hall, the head of the gene pool as he likes to call himself. Is Mike’s father, James. Who’s motto is pretty simple when it comes to life.

“I don’t do it unless it is fun,” James Howard said. “If it is not fun I don’t do it and I try to make a game out of everything I do.”

The eldest Howard’s upbeat personality has been passed down through the family tree along with his competitiveness, no matter the task.

“He’s into bee-keeping,” Mike Howard said. “So trying to have the best bee hives in Oswego county is something he is striving for. I think we take that from him, always trying to improve and work on making the situation better.”

In the game, Britt finds herself in a tough situation. Down early, the young coach calls a timeout to bring the team together. At that moment she is possibly taking the advice she once gave to her father that he’s now giving back to her.

“She would tell me you know you got to filter,” James Howard said. “Just deep breaths, let it all work out. So now I am telling her that.”

No matter what the scoreboard reads, Mike hopes Britt enjoys her time at Oswego as every Howard has had before her.

“You know you have your ups and downs obviously with wins and losses,” Mike Howard said. “It is been a great experience and hopefully she’ll be able to have the same experience as the rest of the family has had.”

With the support Britt has, one can say she’s off to a good start.