SUNY Oswego Gospel Choir sings at local holiday gathering

Oswego, N.Y.– Over 1500 luminaries lit up the sidewalks throughout Franklin Square Park Tuesday night. SUNY Oswego staff, students, and community members gathered there for a night unity this holiday season.

Kristi Eck, Cheif of Staff to President Stanley, was part of the planning for this event. She says everything was influenced by the word hygge.

“Hygge is a Danish word that means coziness, warmth, togetherness. Kind of like love with family, friends, and neighbors,” Eck said.

Receiving so much kindness from surrounding neighbors in the Oswego area after marrying, Eck and her wife were inspired to bring the feeling of hygge to the park in their community.

Not only did Eck want to spread hygge to her neighboring communities, but she wanted the SUNY Oswego community to join in on the music and fellowship as well.

Kamal Morales, Director of the SUNY Oswego Gospel Choir, says he could not turn down the offer to sing at such a meaningful event. Being recognized by the Oswego community was a goal for the choir this year.

“It feels really good because sometimes when you go to school in a community you feel on the outside, you don’t feel welcomed. You feel like okay I just go to school here, I go to Walmart and then I go back to school. But it’s just like when you have that involvement and you have people that actually like what you do it’s going to be amazing,” Morales said.