SUNY Oswego Fall Jazz Ensemble Concert

SUNY Oswego Jazz Ensemble – Saxophone Section (Fall 2019)

Oswego N.Y.– Due to the harsh weather, freezing rain, heavy snow, and frequent gusts of cold wind, many people in the Oswego community are starting to feel the winter blues. Thursday, SUNY Oswego’s music department found the perfect way to combat the winter blues– with a little winter jazz.

On December 4th, at 7:00pm, in Waterman Theater, the SUNY Oswego Music Department opened its doors to the public for the annual Fall Jazz Concert.

SUNY Oswego’s music program isn’t large enough to create an entire jazz ensemble with only students that study music. Instead, the performers at the concert came from a wide variety of majors.

The diversity among the jazz ensemble is what made this particular concert so unique.

“One of the most valuable parts of this experience is bringing students from different backgrounds all onto the same stage and getting them to take a risk so they can grow as musicians,” said Eric Schmitz, the Director of the concert. “Jazz is one of America’s greatest and oldest art forms… I’m just glad that the Oswego community supports these types of events.”

Each semester, the SUNY Oswego Music Department hosts a variety of events just like this one. Visit for information about similar concerts and events within the Oswego community.