What is SUNY Oswego’s International Studies Program?

Hart Hall Staff (Fall 2019)

Oswego N.Y.– Many students come to college looking to leave their small town and immerse themselves in a more diverse community. If diversity on a college campus is what you’re looking for, there’s no better place to look than SUNY Oswego’s Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center.

Approximately one in every 20 students living on SUNY Oswego’s campus is from a foreign country. The majority of these international students live and learn together in Hart Hall. Approximately half of the building is comprised of exchange students from different countries around the globe who have come here to study for a semester. The other half of the building is comprised of American college students who typically study at the university for all four years of their undergraduate studies.

Each resident in Hart Hall is required to participate in the Hart Hall IST program– a one-credit course in which students learn about cultures from around the world by living and interacting with one other.

Students earn credit by learning about each other’s cultures and attending at least five IST approved programs. Some of these programs include viewing international films, learning how to cook authentic cultural foods, participating in international political discussions, or presenting individual travel experiences. Students must also complete 10 volunteer community service hours.

If you have any questions about the Hart Hall IST program, email: hart-ist@oswego.edu.