Staying safe over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Saint Patrick’s Day weekend is full of festivities and some of them involve alcohol. Unfortunately, this weekend also brings a safety concern to Oswego residents. There is a high risk of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Oswego Police Department plans to crack down on those driving while intoxicated by setting up checkpoints along State Route 104 and other busy roads in the city. The Oswego Police Department is hopeful that the checkpoints will stop drivers who decide to drive under the influence. Oswego police officer Damian Waters wants people to be careful this weekend and to have a plan if people decide to go out.

“It’s pretty simple, plan ahead. If they have a friend that won’t be drinking, utilize them, have them on standby If they utilize the uh uber, lyft,” Waters said. “We have local companies that are approved here to drive in the city. New Cab is one, another is New York Transportation. Have those numbers available if they do in fact need a ride at some point.”

To avoid driving while intoxicated, the Oswego Police Department recommends walking or ride sharing. The checkpoints will occur until March 22nd. If you do go out, stay safe and make sure you drink responsibly.