Advertisement Matching Program

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Oswego County Media Group is launching an advertising matching grant for eligible small businesses. The impact of this pandemic has left some business struggling, but this program hopes to provide some relief by alleviating advertising costs. 

The Oswego County Media Group includes publications such as The Palladium Times, The Valley News, and Oswego County News Now.Com. The goal of this program is to double the amount of press a business needs to spread the word throughout the community. They plan to match a business offer, providing them with more press for free. Jeff Weigand, the publisher for The Palladium Times says right now is the best time for this campaign. 

“I believe that the time is right with us starting to come out of the pandemic to help those businesses who have been shut down get their message out about what they’re doing to make their businesses safe for people to come in,” Weigand says. 

For more information about the advertisement matching grant program, you can go to our website at Oswegonow.Net.