Porchfest 2022 rocks streets for Oswego residents

OSWEGO, N.Y. — The city of Oswego held its seventh annual Porchfest last Sunday as community members took to the streets to watch and listen to local performers. 

“It’s been great. We’ve had 20 new acts this year which is good,” Oswego Porchfest founder Gerri Millar said, adding that she appreciates the support this event gets every year from performers and the community.

Millar knows that each year, people will show up, as the event has seen a growing number of community members in attendance each year.

“We’ve had record numbers, it’s been great,” Millar said.

A total of 70 acts were performed at Porchfest between 12 and 6 p.m. with an hour window for performers to present their talents to the community. Montcalm Park and Franklin Square were the two prime locations to see performers, along with the community being open to having people borrow their front lawns and porches to showcase their gifts of music.

“It gives you a chance to play in front of people you may not normally see and some people who are friends from the past,” Scott DeVinny, of the band The Royals said.

DeVinny was one of the performers that played on West Van Buren Street and created the band The Royals.

“It’s a chance for folks to have a little get-together outside of a bar scene,” DeVinny said, regarding what this event means for him and for the people who come every year to watch and enjoy the different styles of music.

“It feels wonderful, it feels wonderful,” Millar said.

Although this event was well received within the Oswego community, there are multiple Porchfest events including ones in Ithaca and Cortland for friends and neighbors to look forward to.