7th annual Oswego Porchfest bigger & better than ever

OSWEGO, N.Y. — There was lots of noise coming out of Oswego on Sunday, Sept. 18 as residents celebrated the 7th annual Oswego Porchfest. The festival relies on an all-volunteer roster of organizers, event staff, and performers to put on a show or shows to remember in Oswego’s historic westside neighborhoods such as Franklin and Montcalm Parks.

Inspired by Ithaca’s Porchfest, Gerri Millar decided to bring the idea back to Lake Ontario. She started with 17 bands and the festival has now quadrupled to 68 bands as of today. 

“It was very small but you know it was pretty successful and every year it just grew,” said Millar. “I think this is about the maximum that we want because we don’t have enough porches. People complain that they cannot see everything because it’s too much.”

The growth of Porchfest is not just limited to the acts performing. Crowds have increased yearly, with many Oswego residents taking in their first Porchfest. 

“This is my first Porchfest,” said attendee Kim Smith. “I love all the music, I love all the people, I love that you can bring your dog. Everyone’s great. I’m a huge fan of John Maconel and Cam Caruso.”

Cam Caruso has performed at all seven Porchfests and often reels in the biggest crowds. The event Caruso, it’s one of his favorite events of the year. 

“It’s a great environment, it’s a great event. You see all these different musicians. We have people like me and my friend John who perform all year round. Then, we have other people where this is their only time to shine so everyone gets to shine which is really awesome,” said Caruso.

Whether you’re an alumni of SUNY Oswego, a current student graduating in the spring, a resident of the town for over 40 years, a professor by day and musician by night, or a struggling news reporter just trying to break the scene, Porchfest is for all who have a passion for music. For more information on Porchfest, visit oswegoporchfest.com.