Popeyes grand opening in Oswego has town buzzing

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Just a bit over a year after Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced the addition of Louisiana’s Famous Fried Chicken, Popeyes is finally ready for business. 

Its grand opening proved to be a huge success, with lines reaching out near the parking lot early on. 

Customers across all ages say they have been satisfied with their experiences.

 “It’s the first time we’re here. I was very satisfied with the quickness, the efficiency, it was clean and neat, I like the colors (in spite of the crowd),” said one satisfied customer.

Students in particular seem to love the idea of getting a quick meal. One local went as far as to suggest adding Popeyes to the student benefits.

“I definitely feel like I’m back home for sure eating that Popeye’s, that good chicken, let me get this on my meal swipes and then we’ll start talking,” said a local student.

The new business also gives opportunities to work for locals. 

“Thankful for the opportunity for sure. I was having trouble finding work, and they actually reached out to me,” said one employee.

With customers satisfied, workers employed, and even new business partnerships being thrown around, it seems like Popeyes is here to stay.