New York State Fishing Licenses Lowered

Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop, Pulaski, New York. Photo Credit: Olivia Ugino

Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop, Pulaski, New York. Photo Credit: Olivia Ugino

New York State Fishermen will be pleased to hear the costs of 2014-2015 fishing licenses, for both in, and out of state residents have been lowered. However, these adjusted costs are not the same for everyone. Local fishermen are upset about the raised cost for residents acquiring a license over the age of 60 years-old, versus younger residents applying for a license this season.

[su_quote cite=]”The reason why the state does it a little cheaper, for the younger people, is to get them into the fishing sport, I understand that, but I mean, you’ve got residents that have paid, for 50 years,[Fishing Licenses] and, it’s time to give back to the older people too…”[/su_quote]

Fishermen coming into the city of Pulaski, New York to visit popular fishing stores, such as Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop, discuss their stance on some of the adjusted, New York State fishing prices for all ages.

While fishing shops believe these new prices to potentially help their businesses thrive, local anglers still believe the prices to be unfair. As the fishing season continues on, both local businesses, and fishermen can only wait to see how the prices stand.

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