Governor Cuomo proposes free tuition for SUNY/CUNY schools.

Oswego, NY — Governor Cuomo announced a proposal for free tuition to SUNY and CUNY schools that could start as early as Fall of 2018.

Cuomo’s proposal would allow families who have a household income of $125,000 or less to have free tuition to any 2 year or 4 year school in the SUNY and CUNY school system. The proposal is estimated to cost $163 million, Cuomo said, but others such as SUNY Oswego’s Director of Financial Aid, Mark Humbert estimates it will cost more.

Humbert is supportive of free tuition, but has some concerns with Cuomo’s proposal.

Oneida Hall (Photo taken by Matthew Paddock)

“I think there will be a lot of implications like will we have too many students; how’s it going to effect the students we take. I find there’s a lot of questions but I’m all for anything that would help make college free,” Humbert said.

Students are concerned with the increased amount of competition free tuition could create. SUNY schools typically are competitive when it comes to acceptance rates.

Cuomo was expected to reveal more about the proposal January 17th, but nothing has come from Albany concerning the issue.