Oswego High School sees rise in graduation rates

Oswego, NY — Oswego High School’s graduation rate rose over the last academic year. The school’s 2016 graduation rate is 74%, and that includes both students who attend Oswego High School full day and those who attend programs elsewhere. The graduation rate has improved from 72% in 2012

“Last year, we graduated 252 official graduates but we had 255 completers because in New York State, there are many pathways to graduation which include certain certificates as well,” Oswego High School Principal Dr. Heidi Sweeney said.

Oswego’s rates do not include all graduates since New York State excludes students who receive their diploma in August or students who take five years to finish.

“It’s more important to me that our students graduate than if they are able to do it in four years, four and a half years, [or] five years,” Dr. Sweeney said. “So often we look at a bottom line black and white number and not really understand all of the pieces that come into that.”

The high school credits programs such as their 15-to-1 program and Freshman First program for their improved rates. The 15-to-1 program allows teachers to focus on individual students, and give them the additional help that they need. Freshman First was designed in order to help freshman get accustom to their new school before classes begin. These programs were implemented in order to help students feel connected to the school, and confident in their abilities.

Dr. Sweeney says that while her goal is a graduation rate of 100%, the school strives to always beat their best rate.