Good Luck Charm in Cortland

Oswego Club Baseball gets a surprise visit from a much needed good luck charm in the 6th inning.

Magical moments are what makes baseball so captivating. The Cardinals’ back to back comeback wins to take the 2011 world series title. The Red Sox coming back from a three games to none deficit against the yankees in 2004. There have been countless examples of incredible comebacks, emotional mayhem, and many other storybook moments for teams and players. While it might not have been the major leagues, Oswego’s Club team got a taste of that baseball magic in their game against Cornell.

Oswego Club Baseball in the dugout
Matt Conklin fielding second base
Bryan Mcclean batting
Matt Conklin throwing from his knees
Marco Feliciano throwing out a runner attempting to steal second base
Marco Feliciano sliding into second for a stolen base
Box score of Oswego's game where they out up 6 runs in the 5th inning to come back and win
Marco Feliciano running home after a passed ball.

Featured below is a quick podcast featuring Matt Conklin and Marco Feliciano. They discuss their own experiences from the double header in cortland, as well as how the rest of the season went.

As discussed, the season would unfortunately come to an end for Oswego in the second round of playoffs with the loss to Rochester. However, there were an enormous amount of positives to be taken away from the season. President Quinn Jones discussed how since the foundation of this club in 2008, there has been one singular winning season up until now. Within the past two seasons, Oswego Club Baseball has an overall record of 14-5! A lot of good things have been built for this club due to the members, and there are certainly a lot of good things to come.

Oswego Club Baseball Photo collage saying thank you.

(Oswego Club Baseball Instagram post thanking all of their Families, Players, and fans)

Featured below is a quick video that one of my best friends made for me. Renz Vecinol, owner of the account Renzlens make amazing content and was kind enough to take a video of me in my final game for the club. THANK YOU RENZ!