Matt’s Oswego Sport’s Talk

Matthew Hepworth, a sports enthusiast in his junior year in SUNY Oswego embarked on an exciting new journey into podcasting. With a passion for content creation and a deep love of sports, he launched “Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk,” a podcast tailored to students on campus that are interested in hearing others’ opinions on Oswego sports.

Oswego Lakers Women Volleyball
Oswego Lakers Women Volleyball

The journey into the world of podcasting was fueled by his interest in hearing his friends talk about sports during long car rides. He recognized that the shared interest of sports can be used to make new friends and to share your opinions. With the creation of “Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk,” he made an outlet for students to share and listen to their opinions on their favorite sports teams on campus.

Baseball is my favorite sport. For me, it’s more than just a game. Each time I step into a stadium with my family to watch a game, there’s a sense of nostalgia that envelops me, a deep connection to my childhood and social life. Being in the stadium with my family, hearing the crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd, the dance of the players across the field – all of it combines into a memorable experience that is forever looked back on. My highlight is talking to my brother and parents about the game and sharing our opinions on the team’s plays and players.

Sports are always fun for me because there’s always something new to talk about. Whether it’s players moving to different teams, a big controversial play in a game, or players doing funny stunts, I love watching these things with the people that I love in my life. They make sports exciting, and I always have cool stuff to talk about with my friends. Every game has something different and interesting, and that’s why I never get bored of watching and talking about sports.

The first episode of  “Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk,” starred my friend Tiffany Acevedo sharing her thoughts on the women’s volleyball game that took place between The Oswego State Lakers and SUNY Morrisville Mustangs. While setting up to record the first episode, I was really excited about setting up the interview and recording our conversation. For convenience, the podcast was recorded in a zoom audio call while we were both in our dorm rooms. I was able to get our voices in good quality and added ambient music in the background to enhance the listening experience. 

“Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk” being edited in “Adobe Premiere Pro 2023,

With the use of “Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk,” I ignited a community of sports fans on campus that all share the same passion and enthusiasm as I did. While I had an amazing experience talking about women’s volleyball, I plan on making more content that features different sports on campus. Since there are a lot of people who enjoy hockey in Oswego, I believe that my podcast would make a great listening experience. My journey on creating this podcast is just one example of how one person’s love for sports can connect others in new ways!

Matt’s Oswego Sports Talk