Trying To Take On Big Crocheting Projects While in School

The thing is bigger projects already take forever when you’re free during the summer. I worked on a flag that was 55” by 40 ”. There were 150 stitches in 50 rows. And it took me 6 skeins of yarn. Each Skien was 364 yards of yarn. It took me exactly 36 hours 37 minutes and 28 seconds to finish. Even when I did the project for a second time it still took me 26 hours, 5 minutes and 11 seconds. Not to mention the amount of material it took. So, making a large rug while working and in school is ten times harder.

And while I may not have made as much progress I still wanted to try and make a carpet to make my room roomier and more comfortable. And while I admit this project has had to take a back burner to all of my schoolwork and other things, I do have a goal in mind for my carpet. And this project is crawling by too. I’ve only gotten to 4 hours and 52 minutes which I like to think is still an achievement. And that’s really the most important part of doing big projects like a carpet or a flag or something else like that. You have to keep in mind that all progress is good. It would have to be 25” by 100” which is longer than any project I’ve ever taken on. And making all of the flowers for the carpet takes forever as you imagine, and it is all a very repetitive motion. As you can see in this infographic tells us how simple and repetitive it can be. These flowers are also quite small there, just under half an inch. And even though this project will take a while to complete it will give me something to do and I’ll have something to do during the break as well.

And Since I don’t have to find a new project for a while, this will give me time to think of my next project as well. And since I haven’t gotten too far this project will most likely take a while too. But even so I still have a bundle of little flowers, but it’s still progress which is all you can really look for when starting such a large project. Having a Hobby that you can do quickly during the day is something nice to do while you are trying to work and go to school. It can give you something to take your mind off of all the stress and it is really important to have that work life balance. And I think having a project like this that might take a while to do is so helpful. And having a hobby while at your own college can help you figure out how to make time for it when you have a job. And finding that something that you love doing and that you’re able to do even when you’re tired, or something that’s an escape from. Being stressed is really important. But for anyone interested in more on the progress of the flower rug. You can click the infographic for a little update.