A triple threat of economic developments coming to Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Downtown Oswego received  a triple threat of economic developments this week, serving as a welcome sign to local businesses. 

The federal government issued another round of $1,400 stimulus checks last week, many of which are beginning to arrive in Oswego residents bank accounts. 

As for the second development ,the state government partnered with Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow on opening a new rapid testing site at 199 West First Street. This site will allow residents to get a COVID-19 test and the results within 30 minutes. An easy way to feel safe before going out on the town. 

The third development was the announcement that many SUNY Oswego students will also receive a stimulus check. SUNY Oswego student Brianna Koerber is excited to have the extra money. 

“I’m excited for my stimulus check. I’m going to spend it on dinner with friends and pay off student loans,” Koerber said. 

The pandemic has taken a toll on small businesses and these economic boosts will begin having their effects in the coming weeks.