Oswego Admissions revamps College Admittance Day

OSWEGO, N.Y.  — Prior to pandemic, the Oswego Admissions office allowed students to travel to campus, interact with professors and students, and get a greater sense of the campus community. As everything was moved online, this made it difficult for both students and staff, as they dealt with many barriers of engaging with students while still trying to provide the feeling of belongingness to students through a computer.

Student staff and administration quickly adapted and moved everything remotely. Losing the in-personess of activities allowed students to get more creative with their engagement amongst incoming classes.Virtual visit options were divided into concise schedules that allowed students and families to pick and choose programs that catered to their interests. Programs include virtual tour guides, informational web chat sessions with admission counselors, spotlight sessions from multiple departments, and Q&A sessions hosted by current students who are heavily involved within the university. 

“Basically everything had to change since our main thing is giving in-person tours and making in-person events, so we had to manage quickly and move online” tour guide Gab Candela said. “The beginning of this all happened in March, and that is the time when students start to make their college decisions, and we knew it was crunch time. Thankfully, our adult staff acted quickly and we were able to immediately start online tours, virtual information programs, and different spotlight sessions to work with from there.” 

With the class of 2025 entering SUNY Oswego within the next upcoming months, Oswego admissions office prepares for College Admitted Students Day. Students are given the opportunity to register and meet multiple professors and advisors from several departments such as the School of Education ASD and the School of Business ASD. Alongside these informational sessions, they have also developed IGTV series with students to get more personal about college readiness and hosts Tik Tok challenges to win prizes. 

For more information on registration and informational sessions you can visit Oswego Admissions Office’s website: