Construction begins on new Oswego skate park

By: Scott Brubaker

Construction has officially begun on the new skate park coming to Oswego.  The new park will be located along the east linear River Walk in Oswego.

To design and build the park, the city of Oswego is partnering with Pillar SkateParks, a company that is owned by Oswego native Brad Siedlecki.

“Once it’s open and complete we’re certainly going to partner with local skateboarding companies and bike companies,” said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

Barlow said that the idea of the park came from listening to his constituents, and is a way to give the youth of the community an outlet after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, Barlow said that the new outdoor skatepark would be a great opportunity for the youth of the community to get outside and have some fun.

“Also with the COVID pandemic and the negative effect it’s had on our youth, I really thought it was important for the city government to step up and do something for them,” Barlow said.

The mayor also said that he hopes the park will be an attraction for people all around Oswego County, not just the people in the city.  

He also said that the new park is not just meant for the community to use, but also the students on the SUNY Oswego campus and that he would be happy to partner with the campus to create events set to happen at the new park.

This new project is set to cost around $500,000.  The new park will include several ramps, half pipes, railings, and platforms.

According to a statement from the city, about $300,000 of that money will come from the city’s $1.7 million allocation from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan.

The other $200,000 for the project has been previously earmarked last fall from a property transaction.

Barlow also says the city plans to turn an old building near the new park into a bathroom and vending location.

The new park is set to open in October 2022, with most events starting next summer.