Men’s lacrosse fighting to get to the top

OSWEGO, NY- The SUNY Oswego Men’s Lacrosse team is nearing the end of their 2018 season and they are looking to make their way towards the SUNYAC playoffs. As of right now, the Men are 0 and 3 in the conference

In order for them to make the playoffs, they have to have one of the four best records in the SUNYAC play to receive a bid.

Senior and Captain of the team, Teddy Phillips, has been playing lacrosse for Oswego all four years of his college career but has yet to participate in a SUNYAC tournament.

“ It’d be awesome to make the SUNYAC Tournament since I’ve been here we haven’t made it. I don’t know if the Oswego team has ever made it, I know we’ve never won it. It’d be awesome to go make the tournament, win the tournament would be sweet. Since they never have it’d be awesome to leave it like that as a senior,” said Phillips.

In order for the men to accomplish the task of making it to playoffs,  a lot of hard work has to be dedicated to this game. Coach Bezek wants to ensure his men are ready to take the lead, but not wear them down in the process.

“We try to make sure that we focus on the quality of practice more than the quantity of time that we’re there so our guys know if we get in there, we really compete,  do a good job, get through what we need to, we can get out a little bit sooner too,” Bezek said.

This Saturday, the men are taking on one of their bigger competitors, Oneonta. The men are hoping to defeat them and increase their chances of qualifying for playoffs.