Group of Oswego High School students, community members walkout to support gun reform

OSWEGO, NY — Students from the around the country participated in ‘National Walkout Day’ in the latest round of protests calling for stricter gun control laws.

At 10 am, thousands of students from around the country walked out of their high schools honoring the victims with a moment of silence. Protests then followed, with students and community members calling for gun reform. The protests fell on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting which left 13 dead in Littleton, Colorado.

At Oswego High School on Friday, several students and community members gathered in front of the school to show their support for the National Walkout Day.


Students and community members protesting gun violence

Among the protestors was Oswego High School freshman, Ethan Shambo. He said he walked out because he believes people shouldn’t be afraid to go to school.

“It’s insane that people are afraid to go to school when it should be a safe place. It should be for learning, ” Ethan said.

Former teacher for Oswego School District, Karen Behan also participated in the protests. She expressed her frustration over the lack of gun laws in the United States.

“How many more dead kids do we need before we change the laws,” Behan said.

Oswego High School was just one of the many to participate in the ‘National Walkout Day’. Organizers for the event said there were more than 2,700 registered events in cities nationwide.