Fishing in Oswego County reels in tourists

Oswego N.Y.– Spring has arrived in Oswego County and all across New York State. The start of the fishing season gives area residents the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Now that the season has officially begun, people from all over the country are expected to visit Oswego County for world class fishing. The many lakes, rivers, and streams across the area will be home to many fishermen for the next few months.

The fishing industry brings in a lot of revenue to the county according to David Turner, the director of Community Development, Tourism, and Planning in Oswego County. The specific amount of money brought in from fishing falls in the millions.

“There’s different ways that that’s measured, but I think a safe number to use for general purposes is around forty million dollars a year,” said Turner.

There are many places in Oswego County where you can go fishing. The Department of Environmental Conservation has a list of spots where residents can cast their lines. You can also stop in to local fishing shops to pick up a map of places to visit.

If you do decide to go fishing, a fishing license is required. To pick up a license, stop at a local sportsman shop or the outdoors section of Walmart.