University classes finish and Code “Blitz” starts in Oswego west side

OSWEGO, N.Y. ー Classes in SUNY Oswego are officially finished, which means students are preparing to move back home. As students leave their temporary residences, in order to prevent trash and furniture accumulating in the streets, Mayor Barlow announced the “Code Enforcement Blitz”.

“Just educate, basically. If they have any questions about the process. But we do not necessarily go out and enforce. If there is an opportunity to educate we will”, said Chelsea Giovo, Oswego Police Officer, referring to the goal of the code enforcement blitz. 

“Our goal for this is to educate before we go out and enforce so we put the door hangers on all the residences before the tenth and then hopefully  with that educational purpose all the landowners being notified there will be anything to really enforce”, added Officer Giovo.

Officer Giovo explained that they are going to put door fliers informing off-campus students about “The 3 P’s rules” (Parties, Parking and Premises), an initiative that looks for behaving in community and accomplishing the code.

“We drive around making sure that everyone is picking up their garbage”, said Officer Giovo.

The Code Enforcement Department and Oswego Police Department are working together to keep the community clean. They are planning to patrol the 1st, 3rd, and 5th wards in the west side during the weekend and every evening. The code “blitz” begins next Monday and ends on May 21.

This is the code’s fourth consecutive year. Officer Giovo looks forward to another successful year. For further information about the code enforcement and about what may result in a fine, you can consult the City Code Violations at