SUNY Oswego seniors discuss struggles transitioning from remote to in-person learning

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Two SUNY Oswego seniors sat down to discuss some of the personal challenges they are facing this semester with in-person learning.

“I sometimes feel like I struggle with taking advantage of something as simple as office hours or talking to an advisor because it’s kind of weird seeing people again and being able to have that one on one connection,” SUNY Oswego student, Karen Najera said as she explained her in-person experience thus far. 

Some experts say that COVID has definitely played a fundamental role in student performance and their motivation.

 “A lot of things being remote last year made it difficult for seniors to prepare for this year and get ready for post-graduation plans,” said Cara Placensia, a Mary Walker Health Center Counselor. 

Student senior Kamal Morales says he’s experienced burnout. 

“Now I’m just trying not to pressure myself and just take my time so that by the next time I get to that “burnout”, I’m at least prepared,” Morales said.