Watertown revitalizes downtown area with murals by local artists

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — The Downtown Arts Committee is working in partnership with the Downtown Business Association to bring more people to the area. 

Joseph Wessner is the President of the Downtown Arts Committee and the Downtown Business Association. His vision is to revitalize the downtown area by showcasing murals created by local artists. 

“The theme of the wall is the past, present, and future of Watertown. So, we’re looking to celebrate Watertown in as many ways as we can. We figured the best way to start was things that were invented here in town that people didn’t know about,” Wessner said. 

The first mural unveiled in the Veteran’s Memorial Riverwalk in Watertown was created by local artist Liza Page and painted by over 100 people in the area. The initiative to bring more art to the area is supported by city officials. 

“I think it will make it a nicer environment for people who may be walking this path or riding their bike and get to see the art that will be here,” Watertown City Council Member Lisa Ruggiero said.

The Downtown Arts Committee says that there will be 25 murals of various sizes, designs, and media in the area. The goal is to make downtown Watertown a destination for people to come to enjoy local art, restaurants, and architecture.