SUNY Oswego screens 14-minute documentary, ‘Only 982’

OSWEGO, N.Y.– Only 982 is a short documentary that follows the story of three Jewish Refugees who found safe haven in Fort Ontario.

Produced by Assistant Professor Juliet Giglio and SUNY Oswego student Mic-Anthony Hay, the two screened their project in the Marano Campus Center last week.

During World War II, the United States was allowing Jewish refugees to seek safety in American from the Nazis.

Assistant Professor Juliet Giglio says the title of the film was an important part to telling this story.

“The reality is only one boat was allowed in, and on that boat, there were actually 982 people. That’s why i decided to title my movie Only 982,” Professor Giglio said.

Senior, Mic-Anthony Hay saw this project as an opportunity to not only tell an impactful story but to also put himself to the challenge. He decided to team up with Professor Giglio to make the story come to life.

“It’s something I’ve never done before. I usually do small projects on my own; so for this one, we worked together to plan, to meet up. Even though it’s a documentary, we sort of had a loose storyboard and script of the question we wanted to ask and the message we wanted to come out of this and the narrative we wanted to tell,” Hay said.

The story is especially unique since it is based in the city of Oswego, and the Jewish refugees who were brought to Fort Ontario during the war.

The 14-minute documentary is available to be streamed on YouTube.