Dr. Rodmon King named chief diversity and inclusion officer at SUNY Oswego

Oswego, NY – SUNY Oswego has hired its first  chief diversity and inclusion officer, Dr. Rodmon King. He started the position in July after moving to Oswego from Danville, Kentucky, where he taught at Centre College.

“I’ve always have to be continuing to learn because the literature is advancing, society is changing and the nature of the work changes. I’ve done this job before, so this will not be my first time as chief diversity and inclusion officer,” King  said.

Though Dr. King is new he is already making strides to mend the relationship between the Oswego community and the campus, as well as the relationship between staff, faculty and students at SUNY Oswego.

One of his first tasks is to make sure students are able to be present at Oswego Town Hall meetings if they chose. The school will be providing buses and making sure students have access to town hall dates so they can voice their opinions.

King is also setting a town hall on campus with President of SUNY Oswego Deborah Stanley, University Police and other faculty members, which students are encouraged to attend.