SUNY Oswego professor and screenwriter’s life in the film industry affected by COVID-19

OSWEGO, N.Y.- Many industries including the film industry have had to make changes due to COVID-19.

Prior to the pandemic, Juliet Giglio has been writing since she attended grad school at New York University. She began to fall in love with writing and started to write films with her husband.

“I discovered that what I really loved about making movies was the writing process and coming up with the ideas and creating the characters and the dialogue,” Giglio said.

Giglio has written for many different movies ranging from Disney’s Tarzan and Return to Halloweentown as well as many different Christmas Lifetime movies starring actresses such as Melissa Joan Hart and Reba McEntire.

Even though Giglio teaches here at SUNY Oswego she continues to write for films but has noticed things changing these past couple of years as COVID-19 has spread.

Scenes with large amounts of people have to be changed or cut entirely to avoid massive crowds and so now there are fewer people in each scene.

Sometimes speaking parts also had to be reduced for actors.

Actors on set are required to wear face masks when not filming and also get COVID tested.

“Production really changed with COVID and it limited the number of people that could be on the set,” Giglio said.