SUNY Oswego senior returns to Alpha Phi Omega after a year of remote learning.

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Miguel Nuñez, a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO)  is excited to return to campus for in-person activities.

“What I’m really excited for is being with my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.”  Miguel said.

As a Bronx native and criminal justice major, Miguel enjoys getting involved in his community.

“We’re mainly a service fraternity and I really love helping my community at home so being able to help my community here too makes me feel even better”, Miguel said.

The switch to remote learning disrupted his new experience at (APO). Every new member is assigned a big brother through the process Miguel said. 

“Sadly during my joining process in apo during spring 2020 i didn’t get to interact with my big brother as much as i should have because of the pandemic. But since we’re coming back in person, hopefully I’m able to do more activities with my fraternity”, said Miguel.

As many students express the same sentiment for the in person experience as Miguel does, the 2021-2022 SUNY Oswego Forward Plan by the administration reaffirms students. The administration will continue to maintain the in person experience for students. Miguel Nuñez will take advantage of this second opportunity to get involved.