SUNY Oswego online MBA program receives ‘Top 100’ national ranking

OSWEGO, N.Y.– U.S. News and World Report has named SUNY Oswego’s online MBA number 62 in their annual rankings of programs across the county. Oswego is one of just four schools within New York State to be included in the rankings, the only school which is public. 

The schools are graded on five different categories. SUNY Oswego scored the best in Faculty Credentials and Training, in which Oswego scored 97/100, good for 20th in the nation. One reason for this high score is the priority the school puts on professor placement in the MBA program. 

“We use our frontline faculty for our online program,” said Irene Scruton, MBA program director. “And in many other programs across the country they have a separate division for their online program, that’s not the case here at SUNY Oswego.”

Student excellence is another strong point for SUNY Oswego. The program received a score of 73/100, ranking 44th in the nation. One reason for the high score is the schools’ retention rate of their students and their commitment to student success. 

“We have a concierge model in our MBA program of student support,” said Scruton. “So our MBA students have one area they can go to where we triage any issue that impacts them, and we’re able to find solutions for them.”

Scruton also made it clear that this high honor is not only recognizing the MBA program but the school as a whole. Crediting many different departments on campus in aiding the program to be so successful. 

“We take great pride in it,” said Scruton. “You know it is the MBA program that receives this recognition, but it is the work of many departments on campus that help us get that ranking.”

All of these factors contribute towards the “Oz-way”, which has led to the program once again receiving a high ranking in the nation.