Election official: Local races matter too

OSWEGO, N.Y. — In the heat of a national election, local elections tend to receive less public attention. Information may be difficult to find for people hoping to inform themselves on candidates running to represent their counties, towns, cities or villages. 

But if there’s one person who recognizes the importance of local races, it’s Oswego County Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Peggy Bickford. 

“All elections are important, but local elections, they get your bottom people you need that will filter up to the top.” Bickford said. 

Bickford advises that one of the best things a voter can do before entering the polls is researching about every candidate beforehand, and she encourages voters to “do their homework.” 

Former Oswego County Legislator Dan Farfaglia recognized the need for voter education, which inspired him to create a website that acts as a virtual civics course on demand.

Farfaglia has updated this website with the names and contact information of people holding office in Oswego County for the past eight years. His goal is to make knowledge accessible to  residents and to encourage them to get involved in government. 

“We just gotta keep working at it and try to get the resources needed to be competitive at the local levels,” Farfaglia said. 

Farfaglia hopes that the information he provides on his website will help people make more informed choices and help residents to feel more comfortable participating in the United State’s Democracy.