Quarantine brings family closer together

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Coming into 2020 unaware of what’s to come, Kevin and Eileen Morgan were looking forward to a very special moment in their lives. With a plan in mind, they prepared to welcome a very special new addition. 

“We had been trying for a few months so it was one of those like, it hadn’t happened, it hadn’t happened and then all of a sudden it did and we were having family come in”

With a baby on the way, family and friends gathered to celebrate the news well into the new year, but were rudely awoken when COVID-19 put Eileen in a tough situation.

“It was funny it was like one week it was normal and then the following week we- they were like, you have to wear something covering your face and only one of you can come”

Kevin, now not allowed to attend anymore of Eileen’s appointments leading to the birth, prepared him for the worst.

“I went from I can’t believe I missed that appointment to I’m making every single appointment now to now you’re not allowed there and, I- I don’t know it tears at the heartstrings a little bit,” Kevin said. 

But to his surprise after missing her appointments he was able to see the birth of his child! Grace Elizabeth Morgan was born into the world the morning of April 27th. And with a quick turn around they were able to bring her home while they both worked remotely during quarantine. Eileen says it was the perfect medium.

“I’ll hear her laughing or they’re playing in the family room and I’m like oh I’m missing put on it, but I just jump out of the office if I’m not on a call or something”

Both working remotely let them spend more time together than they thought they were going to be able to get. And strangely enough they both say she was their saving Grace.