SUNY Oswego students build their businesses during Covid-19

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Business is not as usual for SUNY Oswego students Liz-Desir Seri and Ckristina Bennett, but both are optimistic about the future of their small businesses despite Covid-19. 

Liz-Desir Seri began her professional travel company back in February, when the first coronavirus case was reported in the U.S.

“It was the worst timing,” Seri said. It started off good but after a while she felt as if her business was not going anywhere.  

With most people hesitant to travel and certain locations being restricted amid the pandemic, there is no question that Liz Desir Travel Group would face a challenge.

“It’s definitely not easy because there’s also those people out there that are not ready for that,” said Seri. “They are not even thinking about it, so it has definitely taken a toll.”

With countries beginning to reopen, Seri is thankful for those still willing to travel, while taking the proper safety precautions.

Over the summer, Seri took a trip to Tulum, Mexico and although the country does not require testing, she said social distancing and temperature checks are still heavily enforced.  

For SUNY Oswego student Ckristina Bennett, managing her clothing line from her off campus home has definitely been an adjustment during this pandemic. 

“Being able to have events or photo shoots has definitely impacted my business,” said Bennett. 

With people having to socially distance, it would be hard for her to organize the pop up shop she previously planned. 

“This entire summer I have worked on creating a website, so in the near future, I am planning on releasing the website and debuting some new clothes that I have,” Bennett said.