Preparations are under way for 2016 SUNY Oswego Hunger Games

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OSWEGO, New York — The SUNY Oswego Resident Hall Association and the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity at SUNY Oswego have announced they will once again hosti the SUNY Oswego Hunger Games.

The event, which has occurred at SUNY Oswego in the past, mirrors the events that happen in the competition in the popular The Hunger Games book and film series.

While the book’s Hunger Games follows children as they fight to the death, The SUNY Oswego Hunger Games has a different motive. In order to participate, students must donate canned goods during an event at their residents halls. At a special ceremony, called a reaping, two students from each residential hall who have donated food will be chosen as ‘tributes’ to represent their hall in the games.

All canned goods that are collected will be donated to local food pantries.

Candy Goldberg, an avid Hunger Games fan, says the event brings the Oswego Campus together for a good cause.

“The films and the books have really exploded and I mean it’s really cool – how many other schools can say your school had a hunger games,” says Goldberg.

The SUNY Oswego Hunger Games will take place Saturday, April 23 in the Marano Campus Center Arena.

Students can contact their resident hall directors to find out when their tributes will be chosen.