Pact app allows you to get paid while excerising

[youtube]Sometimes all it takes to exercise is a little bit of motivation. In the case of the fitness app, Pact, earning cash is a great way to motivate others to start exercising more.

A pact is a commitment made to reach a specific goal. The fitness app provides its users with three different pacts, which are a gym pact, food logging pact and veggie pact. The way it works is rather simple. Users tell the app how often they intend to exercise, log their food and when they plan to eat fruits and vegetables.

Only users with iPhone’s or Android’s are able to download the app. In areas with WiFi, users may use an iPod Touch or Android tablets for check-ins

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After selecting pacts, users set monetary stakes, a minimum of five dollars,  for if they do not commit to their goals. It is not required to use all three pact’s, though. Users can commit to just one pact, if they choose to. For each pact, both rewards and charges are separate.

According to pact, 92 percent of its users commit to their goals and stick to the program for at least six months. If they do miss a day, however, they will be charged via their credit card or PayPal accounts. Users are charged based on the stakes they choose.

In the event of illness and being unable to commit to their pact, the app advices users to fill out a members-only contact form, or submit any issues to the “report an issue” section via the app. Keep in mind, though, Pact may ask for doctor or employer contact information to confirm illness.

Rewards are based off the number of days committed and completed. When users achieve their pact, they will be rewarded for each day, paid by the users who do not reach their pact. The rewards are generally between 30 cents and five dollars. All workouts must be at least 30 minutes. In the event a user, for example, runs for 25 minutes, the app encourages users to take a 5-minute break by walking to cool down. In that event, the pact will be counted for.

Pact is able to determine whether its users are successfully completing their workouts by using GPS, photos and other services to ensure users are indeed achieving their goals.

The pact week runs Monday through Sunday. All weekly pacts must be completed by Sunday, at midnight, in order for users’ pacts to be counted.

The Pact app can be downloaded via the App Store or the Google Play Store.