Big Showdown at the Women’s Volleyball game on Thursday, October 3

On October 3rd, The Oswego State Lakers gave it their all on the volleyball court, but they lost to the SUNY Morrisville Mustangs after a long and tough match. Both of the teams gave it their best effort and got me very engaged in this match! The game ended with Oswego scoring 22 while Morrisville was able to score an extra three points making their total 25!

Oswego Lakers Women Volleyball

Both of the teams were very determined and skilled. The first set made me jump from my seat hearing all of the cheering and shouting. The Mustangs were in the lead for a while, but Cara almost gave Oswego the win with a score of 22-21. This close call was soon changed by Morrisville getting a few more points making the ending score, 25-22 giving Morrisville the W.

Oswego State Lakers Women Volleyball

The third set was something new! Both teams had their share of scoring runs, which kept the fans on the edge of their seats as the set ended in a tie, at 20-20. The atmosphere was electric; Morrisville had their eyes on victory aiming to close out the match while Oswego fought hard to push for a set. In the end the Mustangs again displayed their dominance in the stages of the set, securing six out of the last eight points and ultimately winning with a score of 25-22.

Despite the loss Oswego had some standout players who truly shined. Georgia Farry led the Lakers with 10 kills demonstrating her skills on the court. Grace Taylor closely followed with eight kills of her own while Sydney Chiffriller contributed another six to their total.

This match perfectly highlighted both of the team’s determination and drive to win. Although Oswego State didn’t win the game, they still put in a great effort on the court. Morrisville’s performance is inspiring to all sports players. I was able to be captured in awe throughout the whole game.

In the future, I hope to attend more sporting events because this project gave me the opportunity to attend this game and gained my interest in sports around the campus here. There’s so much going on and I am eager to share my findings in the future! My favorite part of the match was supporting my home team in an energetic game!