Crocheting: The Process Of Always Learning

Knowing how to crochet is always a learning process. No matter how many skills you learn you will always need to know something else. This is especially true if you instead take the time to learn all the skills you need ahead of time. You can test out a stitch  like most crocheters do. You instead learn a new skill each time you need it. I, of course, like learning each new skill as I need to which can make things harder to create projects. But of course, you learn so much after repeating the skill many times. I have learned how to double crochet by making a bag.

Handmade Cyan and Pink Sweater

My most recent project had me learning how to create clothes. Creating either a shirt or a sweater or overalls can be very hard. It takes skill, it takes time, and it could be very frustrating. I had tried multiple times to make a sweater and I had only been successful one time before this. The sweater I created is a pretty nice sweater. It’s more like a cardigan but it’s a good starting point. This time I was able to get it done and I added a lot more things that I had to do. I was switching between two colors cyan and pink. Now for this project it wasn’t as hard as a few of my previous projects like my tapestry but it’s still something you have to keep track of. There are so many different loose threads in the sweater that you have to weave in to make it look good. And of course, doing the same repetitive motion can make your hand cramp up pretty bad. I don’t know about most people who crochet. But I have a tendency to get kind of bored when I only have one project to work on. Which I have slowly tried to work on.

My projects have a tendency to get a little bit rushed when I get bored. Unfortunately for me that’s what happened with this project. I was practically almost done. All I had to do was put all the pieces together. For the most part everything was sewn together except for one sleeve which I had rushed, luckily, I’d noticed the problem before I decided to wear the outfit out because the seams burst on me. But I think this is more of a learning experience for me. As I said before, when you learn to crochet, you’re always learning. No matter how many times you learn something new there is always another thing that you can learn. This taught me that I need to learn how to sew seams together. I seem to sew everything except one shelf well enough for it to stay so I guess it would be more about trying to figure out how to get the seams to hold. I think that amazing about crochet that you are always learning is amazing. And  almost reminds me of the internet and media. You are always learning something new is always being created. And there is something about that that I love.

Lose seam