Oswego residents and all New Yorkers 16+ no longer need appointments for COVID-19 vaccines

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Governor Andrew Coumo announced that all New Yorkers ages 16 and older will not need to schedule an appointment in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine at mass vaccination sites.

The walk-ins are only allowed for first doses, while the second shot should be scheduled. From now on, the state-run mass vaccination site at the Expo Center located in Syracuse, is permitting the walk-ins for this new age group. 

This measure not only affects mass vaccination places, all vaccine providers in New York State are encouraged to allow getting the vaccine without appointment. 

According to Doctor Jessica Harris, Health Education Specialist (CHES), the impact on our Oswego Community is going to be positive. And the open access to get the vaccine to this age group is “the key to ending the pandemic”.

“I think because of a large portion of our population is young adults it is going to be important to push through with vaccinations in that age group”, Dr. Harris said.

“Being back in campus, even in the town itself, being able to go to stores, the community as a whole, and when we think about the small business that have been affected due to COVID, and hopefully trying to react the economy, getting things back to where they were, I think is really going to be a key point”, said Dr. Harris. 

The pandemic has also had a major effect on mental health. Doctor Jessica Harris said that mental health and wellness health are going to improve as the COVID-19 spread is being stopped with measures like this. She hopes the public will continue to follow COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing masks and practicing social-distancing. 

“When we think about these wellness dementias such as financial wellness, occupational, it’s emotional, it’s physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental… all of those things are affected by this one pandemic. It is going to be an imperative to get back to the normalcy which will help with our optimal wellness”, Doctor Jessica Harris said.