Friends of Camp Hollis is hosting their first-ever virtual 5K walk/run

OSWEGO, N.Y. — The Friends of Camp Hollis is a non profit organization that helps children in Oswego County attend Camp Hollis. 

This year Friends of Camp Hollis is hosting a virtual 5K walk/run to help raise money to offset the total cost of the camp program. 

The virtual 5K will be held throughout the month of May. Registration is $15 and is open until May 1st. All proceeds go towards the children of Oswego County.  

“There’s just so many opportunities and activities for the kid to do, that it’s just engaging and inclusive. I think that every kid should go to Camp Hollis” Friends of Camp Hollis Director, Alexis Richer said.

Camp Hollis is in full swing this summer and will be opening residential and full camp.

Next year Friends of Camp Hollis hopes to continue the 5K event this time in-person.