Flooding Along Lake Ontario is a Rising Concern

Oswego N.Y.- Living so close to Lake Ontario brings many concerns to local residents. Two of the main concerns is the speed of the wind and shore erosion across the lake. This year, things are different.

Rudy’s Fish Fry is one of several businesses along the lake that have been impacted by rising water levels. However, the water level is below average for this time of year. That’s a relief for Rudy’s owner Jason Livesey, who said past flooding along the lake has had an impact on his business.

“It was a lasting damage.”, Livesey said. “For three years we lost about 25% of our seating area, also along the lake shore, which is some of our best seating area.”

The lake level is expected to rise four to six inches by August according to the National Weather Service. That will put the lake back to its normal depths.