SUNY Oswego students advance to statewide business competition.

Oswego, N.Y. — A SUNY Oswego student is advancing to a statewide business plan competition after his win in the Central New York Competes Regional Event. 

Senior Meteorologist Daniel Maslowski placed first in the emergency and first responder category with his new app, SWTRS. 

“So the app is called SWTRS, though not the sweaters that you wear. It’s spelt SWTRS. It’s an acronym that stands for Severe Weather Threat Ranking System,” said Maslowski. “A little bit about the app, is that it’s designed so that it can help people who are unaware of severe weather events that they’re susceptible to.”

Within the past three years, the US had over $460 billion in damages and over 3,000 deaths due to severe weather conditions. Maslowski’s goal is to utilize the app to get crucial information, safety precautions and tips out to prevent these issues from rising. 

“So if you’re living in an area where there’s a high probability for flooding, a perfect example is SWTRS will help you know that area is a high risk for flooding and will give you the tool and information you need to prepare for it,” said Maslowski. 

When Maslowski won the SUNY Oswego’s Launch It competition. He has now been selected to advance to the statewide competition on May 7th. 

“So for the New York State Business plan competition, the deadline is April 26th,” said Maslowski. “I already submitted everything for SWTRS so now it’s just a waiting game to see what the judges say and if they’re going to choose SWTRS to move on to the finals.”

While Maslowski is waiting for the results, he is hoping to bring home another win for SUNY Oswego.