Fantastically Fun Movie Night Food!

Image of a hand picking up a piece of candy from a candy bowl. Ambient lighting illuminates the silhouette of the hand, bowl of candy, and glasses sat beside the bowl.

Movie nights are something many of us enjoy. We get the blankets out, the pillows set up just right, the perfect mood lighting, and of course our favorite foods. You cannot forget the food, oftentimes it can be the difference between a good movie night and a great one. Most of us reach for a good ol’ bag of microwave popcorn. Maybe you grab some ice cream or your favorite pack of candy if you’ve thought ahead. These are the golden standards, the tried and true staples for movie night food. However, there are times where you might find yourself looking for ways to spice things up. A date might be coming over, or your friends might be joining you, or maybe you just want to veg out; whatever it may be there are lots of ways to spice up some of the most classic movie foods, or to just try out something new.

Looking for ideas, I thought to interview some of my closest friends. The three of us, Maddie, Charlie, and myself, gathered at our local podcast studio and discussed all things movie food! I further asked if they were given creative freedom, what their ideal movie food would be. To my surprise, it was discovered that if Charlie could have any food he wanted during a movie night, his choice would be a steak dinner. Do not get me wrong, a steak dinner does not sound all that bad; it’s a classic! However, in this instance, Charlie may stand alone. As shifting our attention increasingly towards the snack side of things is a more viable option. Focusing on that, candy became a huge theme here. Little chocolate nuggets known as Bunch-A-Crunch were apparently Charlie’s favorite, which personally I have never tried before. Additionally, Maddie’s mention of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or cookie dough candies were a hit. Buttered popcorn was another strong suggestion, of which is my personal favorite.

Based on these suggestions, we began to think about how to elevate some of these foods, and possibly come up with new/improved dishes we could try. Nacho fries and something called candy salad were the strongest contenders we talked about in my podcast. To achieve candy salad you simply gather all of your favorite candies, could be anything from savory to sour, and you combine all of it in a bowl.

As pictured to the right, you can add sauces such as Chamoy or honey for extra flavor, or you can leave it plain, it truly depends on your preference! In addition to candy salad, Charlie, Maddie, and I came up with nacho fries. This would include store bought french fries with nacho cheese and chives on top. These two delicious ideas were just a few of many, so in an effort to give you more ideas/options take a look at the infographic pictured below!

A bowl of mixed candy, a bottle of Chamoy, and glass cups sit on a counter with a glowing sign behind them saying "good vibes."
Five Creative Movie Night Snacks infographic. The ideas are as follows, chocolate covered popcorn, salty & sweet movie mix, candy salad, homemade nacho fries, and fruit skewers.

In terms of putting these ideas to the test, the dish my friend group collectively ran with the candy salad idea. All of us were craving something sweet and sour, and this dish can be the perfect blend of both, depending on what you choose to include. Movie nights are something everyone indulges in from time to time, but taking the energy to elevate it with things like environment or unique snacks is beyond worth it. Not only is it a cheap and easy way to have fun, but the memories you make with those around you in making the extra effort is so very worth it.

To see the process of putting our candy salad together, check out the Youtube video linked below. For more ideas and inspiration circle back to my infographic above or listen to my podcast episode (also linked below) covering all things movie, food, and more. Now, go grab your favorite snacks, get creative, and make your movie night great!

A discussion of all things movies, food, and more with Paige Vinyard, Charlie Harkins, and Madison Rice!