Let’s paint a Thanksgiving Turkey!!

Since it is almost thanksgiving, what is better than going back in time and doing some childhood crafts. As kids I think we have all made a hand turkey before for class or just to have fun tracing our hand so why not have some of that Nostalgia back. I know this certain craft might be kinda easy, but I hope it will take some of the stress away and let you relax in such a child-like element.

Here are some of the supplies that you will need.

Paint brushes (some that are a little smaller for some of the line work)
Clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on
A canvas (dollar tree has some great ones!!)
Paint (brown,yellow, blue, red, white, orange, Basically the whole rainbow!)
A cup of water

To begin this painting, my favorite thing to do is to prime your canvas by using a white paint of your choice. This is just to make sure that there are no marks or streaks. It also just makes it easier for the paint to stick better.After the Base of white is dry it is now time to sketch our turkey.The simplest way to do this is to place your hand on the canvas and trace it. have the pencil go up and down all your fingers and try to make it as clear as possible where you would like your hand on the canvas.

After you have sketched your hand now let’s get into the paint. We all know turkeys are brown,So let’s grab some brown paint and coat our hands in it. A trick to not having a mess is putting the brown paint on a different plate and rubbing your hand on that plate.Once your hand is coated in the brown paint place it on the outline of your hand you just drew on the canvas. When you lift your hand from the canvas there might be some white spots on your “turkey”, so you can always go in with that smaller paint brush and touch it up.

Once we are all done with making the body of the turkey it is time for the best part making the colorful feathers.Like I said before to not make a mess we are going to use different plates for different colors. And since this is a painting that is supposed to make you stress-free, what’s better than using your fingers to create feathers.

What I would like you to do is take your pointer finger and put it in any color that you would like and start placing it anywhere on your turkey except for by your thumb. after you’re done with that one color we are going to go in with several more colors to layer them and make the turkeys feathers look full.

I already know your turkey is looking amazing!! When we are all done with applying “feathers” we can now go in with a marker and create the turkey’s little face. By creating the face you can add two eyes and a little smile. And if you’re hilarious like me, you’ll want to add in a little word bubble saying gobble-gobble.

turkey feathers

Thank you for painting with me!!