City of Oswego surpasses snow removal budget amid unprecedented winter calm

OSWEGO N.Y. — In an unexpected twist, the city of Oswego finds itself ahead of the curve in snow removal funds as a remarkably mild winter season continues to unfold, allowing snowplows to remain dormant for extended periods.¬†

With an impressive reserve of 5,000 tons of salt earmarked for road maintenance as April arrives, Oswego stands in a financially advantageous position compared to previous years.

“Our crews have seen significantly fewer outings due to the minimal snowfall compared to previous seasons,” said Craig Rebeor, commissioner of public works in Oswego. 

The National Weather Service corroborates Oswego’s departure from the usual snowfall patterns, reporting below-average totals for the region, significantly lower than the typical nearly 100 inches experienced annually. This reduction in snow accumulation translates into substantial cost savings for the city, as less salt is needed for road treatment.

City officials emphasized their prudent financial strategies, noting that they allocated $225,000 for snow removal, primarily designated for salt procurement, remains largely untapped due to reduced usage. 

“Any excess funds from the snow removal budget can be reallocated to other municipal departments,” Mayor Robert Corradino said. 

Looking forward, the city has earmarked $300,000 for snow removal in the upcoming winter season, demonstrating proactive planning for future challenges.

With surplus salt from the current year and an additional $75,000 set aside for snow removal, Oswego anticipates ample resources to handle future winter conditions seamlessly.

“We anticipate purchasing 5,000 to 5,200 tons of salt, ensuring a fully stocked inventory for the 2024-2025 winter season,” Rebeor said.

With increased salt reserves, prudent financial management, and reduced snowfall, the city says Oswego remains well-prepared to maintain clear and safe roads throughout the winter months, offering residents and travelers peace of mind.