Clubs: Keeping Busy at SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego hosts over 150 clubs. They range from academic, to athletic, to multicultural, to social. The wide range of options ensures that there is something for everyone, however, if you can’t find one you’re looking for, with 6 students and 1 faculty member you can start your own. 

While attending college, it is extremely important to keep busy. With a lot of new freedom and the lack of structure that “high school” provides it is easy to stay in and not put yourself out there socially. Making friends and building communities is pivotal to having a successful college career.

The doors to The Point in the Marano Campus Center.
Photo: Madelynn Cummings; The doors to The Point

The Point, in the Marano Campus Center, is SUNY Oswego’s hub for student involvement. It acts as a collaborative resource center to initiate and engage in meaningful involvement experiences. The goal of The Point is to contribute to the SUNY Oswego community outside of class. They also host events and programs like offering advisement to student organizations, the ALANA leadership conference, risk management training, leadership development, VOTE Oswego, and more.

One of the best decisions I have made so far in my time at Oswego was joining WTOP-10. Not only has the club provided me with valuable job experience, it has made me some lifelong friends and connections. I met some of my best friends through WTOP and even more through those friends. If I could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen it would be this: “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Joining clubs and organizations will help you create meaningful connections with your classmates and fill your free time with something a little more enjoyable than schoolwork. Everyone wants to make new friends just as much as you do.”


WTOP-10 is SUNY Oswego’s on-campus, 100% student-run news station. It is the only news station out of Oswego County and anyone can join, regardless of major or age. WTOP hosts nightly news broadcasts, as well as original student productions, and live streaming of all of SUNY Oswego’s sporting events. Students can be a part of the organization as on-screen talent, crew, producers, e-board members, and more. Topper, Fiona O’Sullivan, says that as an education major, she wasn’t planning on joining WTOP, but now she loves it. 

“I love being a part of WTOP! I’ve made so many new friends that I wouldn’t have made otherwise.”

-Fiona O’Sullivan
Fiona O'Sullivan posing next to a camera in the WTOP studio.
Photo: Madelynn Cummings; Fiona O’Sullivan in the WTOP studio.

Black Student Union

SUNY Oswego’s Black Student Union was established in 1968. Its mission is to disseminate information concerning Black People by educating the campus community about culture through weekly programs and events. The club highlights both the historical and modern contributions of Black People nationally and internationally, as well as provides support and encouragement to all Black students, staff, faculty, and community members. The club is open to all members of the Oswego community, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.

OSSCAMS/Meteorology Club

OSSCAMS or Meteorology Club is the Oswego State Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. The club holds meetings, events, and activities throughout the entirety of the school year, such as our MET-pardy night, an annual Christmas party, and a Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium (GLASS). For meteorology majors, Meteorology club can help students gain insight into the various sectors of the field and connect with other members of the department. The club is not limited to meteorology majors. Vice President, Sarah Gryskewicz says that the club has opened up many opportunities and has allowed her to attend conferences, participate in intramural sports leagues, and contribute to the local community.

Sarah Gryskewicz at a podium, speaking into a microphone.
Photo: Sarah Gryskewicz; Sarah Gryskewicz speaking into a microphone at a podium

“I like MET club because it is a place to learn and connect with others outside of classes. It is a place where i can continue to learn, inspire, and be inspired by those around me while also have fun at the same time.”

-Sarah Gryskewicz

Club Softball

SUNY Oswego offers countless club sports including club softball. Club sports allow students to participate in a sport recreationally and not for the school’s D3 team. The team says that its goal is to allow students to play fastpitch softball at a competitive level while allowing the opportunity to develop as a student-athlete and form valuable bonds and friendships with teammates. Team member, Sophia Lyons, says she struggled to find her place on campus but joining club softball gave her more meaning to the college experience.

Sophia Lyons posing on home base with a friend after a softball game.
Photo: Sophia Lyons; Sophia Lyons (right) with a friend after a high school softball game

“It gave me the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the sport I’ve loved and enjoyed since my childhood. The girls make the environment so positive and welcoming.”

-Sophia Lyons
Group photo of the Oswego Club Softball team, Fall 2023.
Photo: Oswego Club Softball; Sophia Lyons (top row, third from left) and the Oswego Club Softball team

Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma is one of the 11 sororities and one of the 21 Greek organizations on campus. Phi Sigma Sigma is a national sorority/fraternity. New member, Lena Goatjen says that she joined to make new friends and expand her social scene.

“So far, I’ve met only nice and funny girls and I think it’s a very fun sisterhood to join!”

-Lena Goatjen
Lena Goatjen posing.
Photo: Lena Goatjen; Lena Goatjen posing

SUNY Oswego, like many other colleges, offers a wide range of extracurriculars for students to connect with peers outside of class. From WTOP to OSSCAMS to Phi Sigma Sigma, there are clubs for everyone.