Children’s Museum of Oswego starting renovations

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Since the end of June, director of the children’s museum of Oswego, Jill Ennis has been preparing for the site’s expansive renovations. When completed, the site will have more than nine thousand feet of floor space and several new attractions. These new additions will look to engage children while also provide hands on learning. Most notable of these attractions is the two story cloud climber.

“Kids and adults will actually be able to get into the cloud and climb the different layers and peer down on the first floor,” Ennis said.

To fund renovations, the museum has raised more than $1 million dollars through its build play grow campaign. Local organizations such as Oswego Family Dentistry, Oswego Speedway, and Pathfinder Bank have donated over $10 Thousand dollars. Ennis believes this donations will contribute greatly to the Oswego community.

“Many families live work and play here in Oswego and there needed to be a resource for children where they go have a space that is designed just for them,” Ennis said.

The museum is set to reopen in the first quarter of 2018. Until then The Children’s museum will be doing community outreach throughout Oswego.